What game brings back memories?

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What game brings back memories? Empty What game brings back memories?

Post by XartusX on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:42 pm

G'day all,
Of course being on this website means we have all played countless numbers of games, however everyone has a game which brings back lots of memories..

For me this game is knight online (the first one) I played during my childhood and I envy the fun, silly times I had on that game . Everytime I listen or hear the soundtrack from cabal online I miss those moments- which shadowed my childhood.

So my question is to you , are here any games which you miss? Or that you miss?

rohan Online worth it?
i'v been looking into it and it looks quite good but as it is turn based which i am not that used to, i didn't want to download yet so i was wondering if it is worth a go? cheers


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